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I am back adding new objects to my KUSELVER shop page. Look forward to new objects made of fused glass as well as an array of belt buckles with matching jewelry. Great for the fashionable western rider who wants to add a little sparkle to her outfit!

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Ich poste gerade eine ganze Reihe neue Schmuckstücke auf der KUSELVER – Kunst Selber Vermarkten Webseite. Jetzt kommen neue Schmuckstücke aus geschmolzenes Glas sowie meine neue Mosaik Gürtelschnallen. Einige Schnallen haben auch dazu passende Anhänger, Ringe und/oder Ohrringe. Genau das richtige für die Modebewusste Westernreiterin, die ein bisschen Bling in ihr Outfit bringen will!

2013-12-29 orange sparkle set       2013-12-29 starry night set

Mosaic Jewelry in Villach

Mosaikschmuck in Villach

This new year started slowly due to minor illness in the family, but end to end, so there was always someone sick to take care of.   When I got back on board, I finally finished my Rainbow Surprise project that I had started early in December. It is going to be entered in this years GemmaKunstSchaun (Let’s Look at Art) Open Art Show here in Villach.

Right now I’m working on a bunch of jewelry that has been waiting for me to be in the right mood. Now I’m in a “dazzle” mood. Maybe I’m trying to make up for the lack of snow here. All of the masses of snow have dropped on the northwest side of the Alps and we are left here with grey, boring frozen grass.

All the better to present my new “bling” (an Austrian way of saying “shiny stuff”). I have made several sets including a pendant, a ring and matching earrings, as well as individual pendants. I also found a new way to package the sets and pendants, so I look a bit more professional.


Meine neue Schmuckkreationen – als Einzelteil – Anhänger oder Ring z.B. oder sogar Schmucksets sind in Villach zu verkaufen. Ich habe viele verschiedene Formen und Farben. Ich kann sogar nach Wunsch und Designvorstellungen ein perfektes Geschenk für Sie zaubern.


Mosaic Pendants

Mosaik Schmuck

Brand new in my collection: Mosaic Jewelry – pendants and broaches.

The pendants come in several different shapes: round, oval, square small, diamond and half circle.   Hearts are on their way.


Mosaikschmuck ist brandneu in meine Kollektion.   Viele Farben und Formen kommen noch.   Herzchenanhäger  sind auch schon bestellt.

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