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My Garden Bench – Part Two

2005-06-18-flowers-stuck-on-w-o-stems3-smallAfter I had finished all of the individual mosaics on mesh, I started mounting them onto the bench.   I wanted to use glass nuggets as the stems of the   flowers, so I had to place them directly onto the bench to avoid the mesh showing through the glass.   In the meantime, I’ve learned about white thinset which prevent this and would also make the colors of the translucent glass brighter.   Unfortunately, I haven’t found a supplier of white thinset nearby.   The process took quite a while, but when it was finished, I was quite pleased.  

2005-06-25-half-the-background-smallThe bench holds up well to the elements here in Austria, but it has to be packed up well for the winter. In the springtime, I clean it with the high pressure washer.   There only a couple places where there is a sign of wear and tear and that is near the bottom on the corner where I pull the garden hose around the corner to water the plants.


Nachdem alle  einzelnen Motive  am Netz vorbereitet waren, montierte ich sie direkt auf die Bank.   Ich wollte die Stängel der Blumen mit Glasnuggets aufbauen und wenn ich alles auf das Netz montiert hätte, hätte das Netz durchgescheint.   Inzwischen, habe ich gelernt, dass ich dieses Problem mit weißem Flexkleber lösen könnte.   Da scheint das weiße Netz nicht mehr durch, sondern  verschmiltzt mit der Farbe der Kleber.   Die Farben des durchsichtigen Glases werden auch intensiver.   Im Winter wird die Bank gut eingepackt und im Frühling mit dem Kärcher gut geputzt.   Es gibt nur wenige Stellen wo Glasstücke abgegangen sind.   Leider  gibt es an der Ecke eine Stelle, wo ich immer wieder den Gartenschlauch vorbei ziehe um die ums Eck gepflanzten Blumen zu gießen.




  1. Pam Givens

    This is a fabulous bench and I love the designs – each one of the. It seems like a bench for the Spring time with all the flowers and butterflies. It’s very delightful. I like reading about your process and think you are very brave to tackle something so big and unknown to you. And it turned out beautifully. Congratulations.

  2. katherine swart

    I think its brilliant, very original. I love it!

  3. Cindy

    What did you use as a base?

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