This fall I offered several beginner classes through the Volkshochschule Villach. This is an organisation that organises classes in languages, computer skills, fitness and arts and crafts. Each of the classes took place on three evenings. Two were used for making the mosaic and the third was for grouting.   Here are the results of all my courses. A few of the students had made a mosaic before, several had glass at home, but didn’t know what to do with it and for some this was the very first experience with mosaics. They all worked   very hard for their results and I’m proud of them.



Herbst ist wieder da und die Volkshochschule Villach bietet wieder neue Kurse an. Dabei auch ein Kurs von mir. Mosaik für Anfänger. Manche haben bereits Mosaike gemacht, manche hatten Glas zu Hause und wussten nicht was sie damit machen sollten und manche haben das Machen eines Mosaiks das erste Mal erlebt. Alle Teilnehmer haben sich besonders angestrengt und schöne Resultate erzeugt.