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Klimt Vase

I’ve always loved Klimt’s golden swirls and have been collecting all kinds of gold and gold colored glass just for the perfect piece.   When I saw this vase at the hardware store, I knew it was just right.

News!!!! – January 2010 – My Klimt Vase took third place in the Mosaic Artists Org   online                                                                           Mosaic of the Year 2009 Competition!


Ich wollte schon immer ein Klimt Mosaik machen.   Ich bin verliebt in seine goldenen Schlingeln.   Als ich diese Vase im Bauhaus gesehen habe, wusste ich dass, sie perfekt war.

Several links to interesting facts about Klimt/Links über Klimt:

Gustav Klimt Museum

Museum Online – Deutsch

Belvedere Museum in Vienna  – English and German

National Gallery of Canada – Modernism in the making

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  1. Pam Givens

    These are beautiful and well done. I like the variety of material you’ve used the colors and the different cuts. Very nicely presented and accomplished.

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