I took part in a project started by Ute Gebhard and Dorothea Unkel called Just Black & White.   50 Artists created pieces all 50 x 50 cm using only black and white.   The Vernisage was on January 10th, 2010  in Villach at the Offenes Atelier D.U.    All 50 pieces will be showing in different venues during 2010 including the Kunsthaus Sudhaus during the GEMMAKUNSTSCHAUN 2010 from May 20th to June 12th.   A big thank you to Bernd Schirner for the pictures.

BLOWN AWAY – 50 x 50 cm, unglazed ceramic, smalti, pearls


This mosaic was created by Angela Zimek.

You can see more pictures of all 50 pieces at the opening of the GEMMAKUNSTSCHAUN show here: http://www.fenstergucker.com/?state=02-0&id=759717&idparent=6633