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2008-05-10-gemmakunstschaun1May 2008 – GEMMAKUNSTSCHAUN – “Let’s go look at art!”

The Town of Villach sponsored an open art show – a collection of art shown in galleries, banks, coffee shops, shop windows and open squares. Anyone who applied was allowed to show his art as long as space was available. My house lies directly on the art tour route through town, so I offered my front yard as the space for my art.

My sister-in-law, Andrea Wedenig, does work in ceramics and we collaborated to create a collection of artwork that was obviously so unique that we received calls about our work for months after the show.

Mai 2008 – GEMMAKUNSTSCHAUN – Die Stadt Villach war Gastgeber einer offene Kunstausstellung – eine Sammlung von Kunst aller Art – in Galerien, Banken, Apotheken, 2008-05-11-green-tower-smallGeschäftsauslagen, Kaffeehäuser und öffentlichen Plätzen. Die Teilnahme war offen für alle die sich beworben haben, solange einen Platz gefunden werden konnte. Unser Haus liegt direkt an der Tourroute, daher bot ich mein Vorgarten als Ausstellungsort an.

Meine Schwägerin, Andrea Wedenig, arbeitet mit Keramik, und wir haben gemeinsam eine Sammlung Objekte zusammengestellt, dass so besonders war, dass wir Monate nach der Ausstellung immer wieder Anrufe wegen unseren Arbeiten erhalten haben.

Details: The yard is 22 meters long and 4 meters deep. There were pots, fountains, statues, dragons, towers, a sheep herd, birds and a magical frog (or a prince in disguise – whichever description you prefer).











More of my pictures from the show: Heidi’s Flickr Page

More info about the Villacher Art show : GEMMAKUNSTSCHAUN


  1. Bob

    What a fabulous collection! As I recall, the entire front garden (40 meters long?) was filled with these whimsical pieces. Quite a show.

  2. morvarid angoshtari


    fantastic and diffrent.congratulations.

    may i ask a question?how you attach mosaics on metal?is there spesial glue or grout?

    thank you

  3. heidi

    Thank yo for your question. I use a special silcon. The metal can get hot and expand a bit, so The adhesive has to be flexable.

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