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Class in Spilimbergo

galla placidia 2 smallThis was a new experience for me.   I just spent a week in a place where I was surrounded by mosaics every day and surrounded by people who enjoy and respect the work that goes into making mosaics.   For some of the class members it was the very beginning of a new passion, for others like me it was the highlight of my mosaic making until now.   I spent 46 hours working on my renditon of a star from the mausoleum for Galla Placidia in Ravenna.   At home with my children and everything else that normal life entails, this is simply not possible.   It was a lot of hard work and and very rewarding.   I was very successful and everybody is happy that I back, me too!   Now it’s time to get to work on all my new ideas!


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  1. Bob Easton

    That’s a very handsome classic star! It’s good that you found the time for Spilimbergo, very much a special place. Find more time and make more. 🙂

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