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Making of a mirror

We’ve been considering redoing the flooring and cabinets in our front hall for quite a while. Now that the kids are no longer racing down the hall on their Bobby Cars, we took the dive.  Paint job, new flooring in the hall, the stairs and the kitchen. 34 ft of new cabinets and new entry way furniture.  After finding the perfect material for our curtains, I decided to spiff up our old mirror. This time just for fun!  Here are the results.

mirror 1


The steps to get there – starting the pattern:







Choosing the background color – Glas Moser in Villach had the perfect Bullseye glass for the job:










Last steps:

10917820_1062275193788626_1880802550149541275_n 1782061_1062275220455290_5378422727935287569_n



Spring has sprung

Now that it is getting warm outside, it’s time for a fresh look.  The new website also works better on mobile and tablet devices. Hope it will be more enjoyable to read. The new garden decorations are in progress. Here is a sneak peek.Watering cans AprilJetzt wo wir an Neues im Garten denken, habe ich meiner Webseite auch einen frischen LOOK verpasst. Die neue Gartendekorationen sind schon in Arbeit!

Mosaic Jewelry in Villach

Mosaikschmuck in Villach

This new year started slowly due to minor illness in the family, but end to end, so there was always someone sick to take care of.   When I got back on board, I finally finished my Rainbow Surprise project that I had started early in December. It is going to be entered in this years GemmaKunstSchaun (Let’s Look at Art) Open Art Show here in Villach.

Right now I’m working on a bunch of jewelry that has been waiting for me to be in the right mood. Now I’m in a “dazzle” mood. Maybe I’m trying to make up for the lack of snow here. All of the masses of snow have dropped on the northwest side of the Alps and we are left here with grey, boring frozen grass.

All the better to present my new “bling” (an Austrian way of saying “shiny stuff”). I have made several sets including a pendant, a ring and matching earrings, as well as individual pendants. I also found a new way to package the sets and pendants, so I look a bit more professional.


Meine neue Schmuckkreationen – als Einzelteil – Anhänger oder Ring z.B. oder sogar Schmucksets sind in Villach zu verkaufen. Ich habe viele verschiedene Formen und Farben. Ich kann sogar nach Wunsch und Designvorstellungen ein perfektes Geschenk für Sie zaubern.


Persian Table

Our living room table needed a make over after years of special attention from our children. I asked our carpenter toshave down the center to make room for a mosaic. I’ve been dreaming of this mosaic for a few years, but just waited until I knew the kids were big enough to treat the table nicely.   The pattern was taken from the pattern on the rug just below the table. Fits nicely in our living room.

Unser Wohnzimmertisch hatte schon so viele Kratzer und Macken, da drei Kinder freien Lauf gehabt haben.   Nach längere Ãœberlegung, habe ich endlich unser Tischler gebeten die Mitte tiefer auszufräsen, sodass ich ein Mosaik legen konnte. Der Muster habe ich von unserem Wohnzimmer Teppich und jetzt steht der Tisch direkt auf dem Teppich im Wohnzimmer. Der macht das Bild komplett.

Mosaic Pendants

Mosaik Schmuck

Brand new in my collection: Mosaic Jewelry – pendants and broaches.

The pendants come in several different shapes: round, oval, square small, diamond and half circle.   Hearts are on their way.


Mosaikschmuck ist brandneu in meine Kollektion.   Viele Farben und Formen kommen noch.   Herzchenanhäger  sind auch schon bestellt.

Watering Can Lady – “Die Gießkannen Frau”

Last summer, I had a few watering cans in my front yard and a picture of me with one of them was even in the newspaper.

Shortly after, I was taking care of some business in a public office and the woman said to me, “I know you! You’re the watering can lady!” Yes, I am. I’ve been working on a large collection of watering cans for the coming summer. They are good as vases, garden decorations and very special gifts.

What I like most about the watering cans – the bright colors and shiny bits reflect in the sunshine and make people smile.

Klimt Vase

I’ve always loved Klimt’s golden swirls and have been collecting all kinds of gold and gold colored glass just for the perfect piece.   When I saw this vase at the hardware store, I knew it was just right.

News!!!! – January 2010 – My Klimt Vase took third place in the Mosaic Artists Org   online                                                                           Mosaic of the Year 2009 Competition!


Ich wollte schon immer ein Klimt Mosaik machen.   Ich bin verliebt in seine goldenen Schlingeln.   Als ich diese Vase im Bauhaus gesehen habe, wusste ich dass, sie perfekt war.

Several links to interesting facts about Klimt/Links über Klimt:

Gustav Klimt Museum

Museum Online – Deutsch

Belvedere Museum in Vienna  – English and German

National Gallery of Canada – Modernism in the making

New Lazy Susans – WIP

Recently my daughter asked me to print out some mandalas to color and I found so many great ideas for new work in the progress.   Here are the designs I’ve chosen.












Nachdem meine Tochter mich darum gebeten hat einige Mandalas für sie am Computer auszudrucken, kam ich auf die Idee auch wieder ein Paar Mandalas auf meiner Art und Weise zu kreieren.


Watering Cans

2008-02-14-dietlindes-kanne-medium2I’ve made several watering cans as gifts for people recently.   They were all old beaten up watering cans that I fixed up to match colors of someones house or on this one on the left, the owner of the house had designed a pattern for the glass inlet on her front door.   I just transferred the design to the can  and now it  sits out on her front steps.

My father-in-law had several old watering cans that he was still using, but with much persuasion, and a gift of a couple of new lighter plastic ones, I got several good old originals to work with.2008-03-15-rainbow-series-detail-small   The older the watering can, the more stable the metal is.   The newer ones are made to be lighter, but they tend to bend and flex more.

One important thing to remember is to sand the whole watering can down to remove dirt and rust. Then cover the whole can with a metal primer.   I use the higher quality grout with more flexibility because the metal of the watering cans might still give if   it is left outside when it gets colder.   I also advise all the new owners not to leave them out in the frost and not to use them as a watering can, but only as a decoration because of the possible flexing of the metal.











Gieskannen– In letzter Zeit, habe ich mehrere alte Gieskannen in Dekorationstücke umgewandelt.   Ein Stück oben links hat einen Muster, der eine Freundin von mir für den Glaseinsatz ihrer Eingangstür entworfen hat.   Jetzt sitzt die Gieskanne vor ihr Haus und passt perfekt zur Tür.

Meistens benutzte ich alte Gieskannen.   Sie  haben  mehr Charakter und sind meistens stabiler gebaut.   Die neuere Gieskannen sind leichter, aber das Metall biegt sich viel leichter.   Ich schleife alle Kannen gut ab um Rost und Dreck loszuwerden.   Dann behandle ich sie mit einer Schicht Metall Basislack bevor ich den Mosaik lege.   Alle Gieskannen werden mit den besten Fugenmittel wegen der natürliche Dehnung des Metalls bei Temperaturschwankungen verfugt.

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