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Art Fair – Kunsthandwerksmarkt – Gmünd in Kärnten

I was priviledged to be a part of the art fair in Gmuend (it is spelled with an umlaut, but that doesn’t work well in English) here in Carinthia this year. It is a beautiful town about 40 minutes from my house, nestled in the mountains, with a castle and a church that is on both sides of a street, as well as lots and lots of artists. There are artists symposiums, shows, classes and exhibits throughout the year. This past weekend, I showed off my new watering can and garden art creations. The atmosphere was wonderful and the people were really friendly – the residents of Gmuend as well as the visitors.

My husband   created this little film about my weekend. I hope you enjoy. Just click on the link below.

My visit to Gmünd on Youtube

Am Wochenende durfte ich am Kunsthandwerksmarkt in Gmünd in Kärnten ausstellen. Die Atmosphäre war toll, die Leute unglaublich freundlich und die Stadt besonders schön. Gmünd ist besonders Künstler freundlich und das spürt man auch wenn man das erste mal ausstellt. Ich habe das Wochenende genossen. Ich gebe zu ziemlich geschafft zu sein, aber es war es wert so ein Erlebnis gehabt zu haben! Hoffentlich darf  “Die Gießkannen Frau” nächstes Jahr wieder dabei sein.


  1. Bob Easton

    What a fine shop you have! There seems to be no shortage of watering buckets. 🙂

  2. Eva Easton

    Buckets…they’re cans…much more sophisticated. Cheerful and inviting display.

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